Mrs. Ruth’s Jams


Hi! Welcome to Mrs. Ruth’s Jams!  Our goal is to make wonderful jams using the freshest local produce from the farmers in North Carolina.  Each batch is hand-made using only fresh fruit, cane sugar and pectin.  Mrs. Ruth’s Jams are prepared seasonally, using the best of local fruits. Our jams are made with patience - not preservatives!

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Mrs. Ruth’s Jams

Award Winning Hand Made Jams Using NC Fruits

Mrs. Ruth’s customers’ tell us:

*  Mrs. Ruth’s Jams are love in a jar!

* So local you can taste it!

  1. *The flavor explodes in my mouth!

  2. *I had to hide my jar from (fill in the blank - husband, wife, family, roommate)! They ate it with a spoon straight from the jar!

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